Weekend Workshops

These courses introduce topics in bite-sized chucks and mini projects that can be completed in 1 – 2 hours and can easily scale from single day to multi-day workshops.

Content Level: Middle School – College

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops currently under development

  • Afrofuturism – Upcoming Workshop
    Description Through our 6-hour course, Afrofuturism, participants study the history of afrofuturism, principle concepts afrofuturism, and the work of afrofuturists in art, fashion, music, literature, and cinema. […]
  • AlgoArt: Visual Programming in Processing – Upcoming Workshop
    Through our 6-hour course, AlgoArt, participants learn to code motion graphics. Using Processing, a creative coding environment for visual artists, participants create mesmerizing, interactive motion graphics while […]
  • BorderXR – Upcoming Workshop
    How are national borders established? How are national borders enforced? How are national borders imagined? How do we imagine a world without borders? In this workshop, we […]