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Awesome Public Datasets

Kaggle is great because it promotes the use of different dataset publication formats. However, the better part is that it strongly recommends that the dataset publishers share their data in an accessible, non-proprietary format.

Google’s Open Images Dataset

UCI Machine Learning Dataset Repository

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset

Best FREE Datasets | Open-Source data for machine learning projects

10 Popular Machine Learning Datasets, Explained

How to Create a Dataset for Machine Learning

Instagram-Scraper: A command-line application written in Python that scrapes and downloads an instagram user’s photos and videos.

Web Scraping With Python 101

Google Images Download: Python Script for ‘searching’ and ‘downloading’ hundreds of Google images to the local hard disk!

Memory of the World Library

EasyOCR: Ready-to-use optical character recognition with 70+ languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Sound Maker made using Nsynth: a research project that trained a neural network on over 300,000 instrument sounds.

NSynth Dataset

How Machine Learning Is Generating Strange, New Sounds

Listening to data from the Large Hadron Collider