[ x optional x ] Examples: “Bad Colors”

Color as decoration isn’t unimportant, but highlighting helpful cues with colors that match the atmosphere can be challenging.

Yellow might mesh well with the reds and oranges of a fiery pit, but if that yellow shows a shrine icon the player can’t see or thinks is damage, it could be a “bad choice” for confusing them.

[ image: yellow icon / fiery fire ]

A color that shows up well – like a forest green – might not draw the players eye to it, though. Forest green could make the shrine icon seem non-magical, since we usually see magic in glowing colors not found in nature.

[ image: forest green icon / fiery fire ]

Choosing colors for what’s most important first simplifies this dilemma. Going through your asset list and figuring out color groups for what is safe, dangerous, friendly and informative before the player and background colors is a good start.

[ example asset list for known game (can be indie/game jam) + screenshot ]