Colors to Argue Over

Preferences for colors are not only about clarity and usability. Color’s meanings differ for each of us based on what they communicate and our own tastes.

Color speaks!

NOTE (more detail in later lessons?) if we want to show an uncomfortable world, a negative emotion, or express another way, colors that look bad might help communicate discomfort, sadness, or a bad state of mind.

Unappealing or unclear color can be a gameplay element, too. If there’s a hidden secret or a surprise for players who look closely, a hard-to-see color figuring out how to interact as part of the puzzle or story,

Others might use color unexpectedly – like showing a golden sparkling path that turns out to be full of danger – to branch the narrative, giving players an option to get tricked.

Color feels

Colors carry different tones, messages, and memories for each person – both personally and culturally. What color combinations are clothes for formal events? What are “birthday” colors? Think and discuss!