Other synths to try Copy Copy

Before we move onto the next section there are a lot of synths built into Tidal. There’s a large list of them here but I’d say a good place to start would be

  • superhammond is a good organ synth
  • supermandolin sounds more like a harpsichord when you put the sustain >2
  • super808 sounds like an 808 synth, but be careful to not put the notes above 8 or it will get loud and shrill
  • supercomparator gives a really distinctive artificial crunchy synth sound
  • superreese is similar to supercomparator in how I’d use them
  • soskick is a good heavy, artificial sounding, drum synth
  • superchip sounds like old chiptune instruments
  • supernoise is a good noise generator that’s good for percussion and rumbles

Those last two actually are the subject of our next set of examples!