Setup Lights in AR Scene

https://vimeo.com/538905061/7d8e1b9911 Add lights to the ground plane as a child in the hierarchyAdd more lights to the scene by duplicating the Directional LightMove Rotate them around the model in the

Add Toggle to User Interface

https://vimeo.com/538894846/5d89d98a67 Add a Toggle to the CanvasRight Click Canvas – UI – ToggleDelete the Label Text GameObjectSwitch the Toggle Checkmark to a nob and change its colorCenter the background image

Add User Interface to AR App

https://vimeo.com/538906716/9cb12be32e Add a Canvas and PanelRight click in the hierarchy, select UI, then select CanvasRight click in the hierarchy, select UI, then select PanelSet Canvas Scaler to Scale with ScreenSet

Orient 3D Models in AR Scenes

https://vimeo.com/538905530/baca128cd9 Rotate the modelClick the model in the hierarchyIn the Inspector, rotate the y–axis 180 degreesTest the App with the ground plane and webcamMove to different areas of the ground