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Create App Icon for AR App In the player settings, change the Product NameLook on the internet to find some inspiration for the iconYou can screenshot references if neededOpen Photoshop (or any graphics editor)Make the

Build the AR App for Android Open Build SettingsFile -> Build SettingsAdd the AR Scene to Scenes in BuildClick Add Open ScenesSelect Player SettingsChange the Company NameAdd an App Icon if you wishAdd Logo in

Add Toggle to User Interface Add a Toggle to the CanvasRight Click Canvas – UI – ToggleDelete the Label Text GameObjectSwitch the Toggle Checkmark to a nob and change its colorCenter the background image

Add User Interface to AR App Add a Canvas and PanelRight click in the hierarchy, select UI, then select CanvasRight click in the hierarchy, select UI, then select PanelSet Canvas Scaler to Scale with ScreenSet