world building

Design Your World

Design your world based on your mood board and roadmap What is designing? Designing is a planning process that allows you to construct objects and systems.This result of a design

World Building Example Describe I want to have a feeling of solitude with teddy in the center of the composition. Similar feeling to how a dog feels when it’s owner leaves for

Hear Your World

Giving your world a voice Why does sound matter? Sound engages the audience in an immersive way.Remember the concept of immersion?When you add sound, you incorporate hearing into the

Record Your World

Capture the life of your world Why record your world? Perfect way to share something easily.Many of the things we know and experience are because others record them and

Animate Your World

Bring your world to life with motion How do you bring your world to life? You can bring the world to life be giving objects motion and soundThink about

Kitbash Your World

Mixing and matching assets to populate your world What is Kitbashing? Utilizing elements from other things and using it to create something unique and different saves you time and

Populate Your World

Adding details to your world How do you populate your world? Populating your world is as easy as dragging objects into your scene and replacing the primitives with 3D

Block Out Your World

Turning your 2D design into a 3D template What is Blocking? “Blocking out” an area is done to show the scale of an area and to plan how the

Plan Your World

Creating a roadmap for building your immersive world Why is planning important? Project planning is essential to guiding you through the creative process of worldbuilding.In order to achieve the

Reference Your World

Find references for your immersive world Why do references matter? Finding references is another way to save time when you are imagining your world.Sometimes you have difficulty visualizing somethingSometimes