World Building Example


I want to have a feeling of solitude with teddy in the center of the composition. Similar feeling to how a dog feels when it’s owner leaves for school and work. Teddy is sitting slightly leaning to one side where Roscoe left him, and he is waiting for his friend to come back. Can be during the day or evening. Maybe some natural light coming in from the windows.


  • Items in the messy room:
    • Red Race Car bed
    • Worn down walls and stains on the floor.
    • Old candy wrappers
    • Dirty clothes on the floor.
      • Socks
      • Underwear
      • Shirts
      • Pants and shorts
    • Shoes on the floor
      • The shoes are based on the Air Jordan 13s
    • Teddy bear in an orange and yellow bunny suit is in the center surrounded by all the junk in the room