What is World Building?

What is World Building?

  • Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world
  • World building exists in books, games, movies, shows, and comics
  • When experience stories, we experience them in the worlds that are created to support them.

What are the elements of World Building?

  • In order to do that you will need:
    • Geography
    • Environments
    • Characters
    • Culture

Why does it matter?

  • The goal of world building is to create a context for the experience you want to create and share.
  • That can include a video, image, or interactive experience.

How do you build worlds?

  • You can build worlds by following a simple set of steps that we will cover in this workshop:
    • Describe the world with words
    • Create a mood board
    • Sketch a design of your world
    • Block out the design for your world
    • Populate your world
    • Bring the world to life with sound, animation, and visual effects

World Building Example