Record Your World

Capture the life of your world

Why record your world?

Perfect way to share something easily.
Many of the things we know and experience are because others record them and share them on the internet.
For the worlds you build, you will want to know how to share them with others.
In order to do that, you need to know how to record them in real time.
The Unity Timeline is perfect for that!

What is the point of sharing?

Think about all the things we see around us…
Whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok, the reason we know and enjoy things are because someone shared them.
Sharing contributes to the society and culture we know and love.
When you share, people see it, and that can lead to more opportunities to create great work or even build a community around your work.

Introduction to Cinemachine and Unity Recorder

Cinemachine Unity Recorder are Unity Plug-ins that allows you to record and take pictures of your world in real time.

Cinemachine uses the main camera and animation timeline to control what you see in videos that you want to share.

Unity Recorder saves the videos you record to your hard drive as a .mp4 file so you can upload them to YouTube or Social Media sites.

Activity: Recording

Setup virtual cameras, add them to your timeline, and record a 10 second video of your world. Save the video as a .mp4