Plan Your World

Creating a roadmap for building your immersive world

Why is planning important?

Project planning is essential to guiding you through the creative process of worldbuilding.
In order to achieve the goal of creating the epic world of your imagination, you need to have a plan.
The process of building worlds can take days or years. During that time, you need to have things you want to accomplish as you flesh out the details of the world.

How do you plan?

In order to plan out your world you need to make a roadmap.
A roadmap is a strategy that defines goals and desire for your world building project.
It can be as simple as a bullet point list of features and details you want to include in your world.
This can be a word document, or spreadsheet that allows you to write lists and check them off as they are completed.

Activity: Roadmap Details

Make a roadmap of details and features you want to include in your world
Use google docs or google sheets to make a roadmap by recording a list of items