Kitbash Your World

Mixing and matching assets to populate your world

What is Kitbashing?

Utilizing elements from other things and using it to create something unique and different saves you time and really allows you to focus on the ideas you want to explore.
That allows you to avoid the technical aspects of creating things and allows you to focus on the creation of the overall idea more.
You can spend more time on the emotions and themes of the world, and not on drawing rocks and mountains.

How do you Kitbash?

Kitbashing is where you take something from someplace else and make something different. It is a quick and easy way to build things that look cool.
With all the assets that you have in your projects, you can mix and match them in your world by pulling from various asset folders and placing them in the scene for the world you are creating.

Activity: Kitbashing

  • Add a variety of assets to your world and combine them to populate your world
  • Take a screenshot of what you created