Hear Your World

Giving your world a voice

Why does sound matter?

Sound engages the audience in an immersive way.
Remember the concept of immersion?
When you add sound, you incorporate hearing into the experience and that makes the world more immersive.
Sound evokes emotion, mood, and emphasizes and connects what people see in the world.
It moves people in a way that visuals can’t.
Combining sound and visuals in a world evokes what neither can do alone.

How can sound enhance your world?

  • You can use sound to add more information to the world.
  • Every object that moves in your world has the potential produce sound. What do they sound like?
  • You have control of all those details.
    • You can have a dog that quacks like a duck
    • You can create a nature environment that sounds like Mozart
    • You can have a dance battle blasting Megan the Stallion

Where do you get sounds from?

There are so many places where you can get sounds
You can record your own sounds with your phone or computer microphone
If you play instruments, you can make music
You can download sounds from the internet:
ZapSplat – https://www.zapsplat.com/
FreeSound – https://freesound.org/
MixKit – https://mixkit.co/free-sound-effects/
Free Sound Effects – https://www.freesoundeffects.com/

Activity: Sound

Create a new GameObject – Name it “AudioManager”
Add an audio source component to you AudioManager
Add a .mp3 or .wav file to your project
Add sound and audio files to your world