Design Your World

Design your world based on your mood board and roadmap

What is designing?

Designing is a planning process that allows you to construct objects and systems.
This result of a design is usually called a prototype.
If the roadmap is the details of your world in words, then the design is the details of your world in images.

Why do you design?

We design things before we try to create them because it allows us to flesh out the details of out plan further.
Sometimes words can only take you so far. Sometimes you need to visualize things until they make more sense.

How do you design?

Designs can be as detailed or basic as you want.
Most people will never see the design. You create a design so you can remember the details of the world you want to build.
More importantly, if you are working with others, the design can help communicate the ideas that are in your head without having to say or explain them.
You can create a design with any art program.

Activity: Design your world

Sketch a design of the world you want to create based on your roadmap and mood board on paper or computer