Animate Your World

Bring your world to life with motion

How do you bring your world to life?

You can bring the world to life be giving objects motion and sound
Think about what constitutes life.
Think about what you enjoy about life.
Think about how to make things immersive.
You want to create a world that moves, sounds, and looks a certain way.

What is 3D animation?

Making 3D moving images in a completely digital environment.
You manipulate 3D models using 3D software to create animated videos.

What are the different types of animation?

Two common types of 3D animation:

Keyframe Animation (Frame-by-frame)

Moving an object in space using keyframes and translational coordinates
Usually for moving 3D objects in 3D space on a timeline

3D Skeletal Animation (Character Animation)

Requires a 3D model with a skeleton rig and mesh skin
Can be hand animated with key frames
Or Animated with a motion capture suit and software

Activity: Animation

Create a new GameObject
Name it “WorldTimeline”
Create an animation timeline
Set the frame rate to 24 fps
Animate an object with keyframe animation