What we’ll build

After you’ve made a Neocities account, it’s time to talk about what kinds of things we’ll be making in the rest of this course:

When I say we’re creating a portfolio site, I mean we’re making something that shows you off. You’ll be writing a short bio of who you are, what you like to make, and why you do it. The fancy term for this is an “artist’s statement” and it’s important to give people a quick snapshot of who you are and how you’re cool.

You’re going to describe your projects both in words and with pictures, links, and embedded sound and video. You’ll learn how to format all of this so it looks the way you want—whether that’s clean and professional like an Apple site or like a vaporwave meme gone wrong.

Your site will eventually look something like this:

[insert final image]

except customized the way you want.