Learning more about HTML and CSS

There’s so much more to learn when it comes to HTML and CSS. One of the best resources on the entire internet is the Mozilla Developer Network, brought to you by the same organization that makes the Firefox browser.

The MDN as it’s called has detailed information on literally hundreds of HTML tags and CSS properties as well as long-form tutorials on pretty much every topic in web programming and design.

The important thing is that when you look up how to do something in your portfolio site you should start with the MDN before just doing a Google search. The reason for this is that there are a lot of out-of-date, hacky, or just plain bad solutions you’ll find if you just do a search. In particular, you should avoid any answer that comes from a site called w3schools: they are infamous for incorrect and out-of-date information that has tripped up a lot of beginning web designers but always show up in a search because of silly search engine tricks they pull.

If you’re finding answers on things like the site Stack Overflow or on people’s blogs, you should always check the date of it when the answer was posted. If it predates, say, 2018 then it is probably out of date with respect to the current technology.

But it’s a big world of web design out there and all we’ve done is teach some of the core concepts and some of the fun current tricks for easy formatting.

The best suggestion I have is to go forth and try every idea you have!