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Goal of the workshop

To embrace BorderXer as a hybrid, cross disciplinary and social justice based concept that enables the combination of art, technology and science for projects that increase safety and well being for human and non human beings.

Key questions:

  • What is our understanding of the concept of “borders”?
  • What borders exist in our life?
  • Why is border crossing necessary and yet stigmatized?
  • When we think about people crossing borders, who are we thinking of?
  • What do we know about the border crossings happening at the US-Mexico Border?
  • What do we hear about those who cross borders? What do we not hear about those crossing borders?
  • What are the dehumanizing effects of mainstream narratives about borders?
  • How can borders be reclaimed as conceptual spaces for liberation of our imaginations?
  • How can we think of BorderXers as teachers, guides and models?
  • What kind of border crossings enable us to build better and more equitable places, communities, societies and worlds?