Skills I: Building Foundational Knowledge For ML

There are two videos in this module. The first introduces RunwayML which is an online source for browsing and working with open source machine learning models. We highlight how this is a good place to learn about what is out there in the world of Machine Learning, but also want to lay the ground work for implementing this code ourselves for free (as almost everything hosted on RunwayML is open-source code available on the internet). The second video is our first of two Skills videos. In this video we introduce Github as a place to find code and we talk about the issues that arise in training models on our own computers. We also point out that Machine Learning is a very broad field in which people with no coding experience are working alongside PhD level Computer Science and Mathematics and how to brace for the inherent intellectual road-blocks and barriers. After this module you should be able to:

  • Navigate the “state of the art” open source machine learning ecosystem
  • Discern what technical skills are required for continued learning and what purpose they serve
  • Plan your own research into ML topics
  • Locate code for ML projects