Practice Assignment: more samples to try

Where to find more samples

There are actually a ton of samples built into Tidal, with the ability to add more to your heart’s content.

Here’s a couple of lists naming all the built in samples in Tidal

For the first link, every single thing listed on that page is a sample (well, a family of samples but we’ll get into that). For the second link, there’s example code that will let you listen to what the samples are like but it does use tricks we haven’t yet explained.

I’d also suggest as a simple start you can use any of the following in combination to make beats

  • bd : the bass drum we’ve been using
  • hh27 : the hi-hat we’ve been using
  • cp : clap
  • sn : snare drum
  • ht : a tom sample
  • hh : a different hi-hat sample
  • hardkick : thick distorted bass sound, best played very quickly to create ugly dance music
  • industrial : big crashing sound for percussion
  • 808, 808bd, 808cy, 808ht, 808oh, 808lt : a whole family of 808 drum machine samples to try

A practice assignment:

Even with the few things we’ve seen so far, there’s a lot you can already do in Tidal. Try creating a beat that

  • Uses at least three samples
  • Varies between cycles
  • Uses at least two patterns playing at the same time

When you’re done, upload it with the interface below. You can just submit the .tidal file that you wrote your code in.